Monday, June 20, 2011


I can't say it any better than Geoff Roes .  This is why I run.  Very inspirational...I hope he wins Western States again this weekend.  Good luck Geoff.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Officially Training Again

First 'full' week back of training this week.  A very good week of 62 total miles.  A nice round 100 km week.  My knee was starting to feel really good over the past couple weeks even with 20 -30 miles.  I figured it was a good time to jump into my Haliburton Forest 50 Mile training program.  I got the training program from Bryon Powell's Relentless Forward Progress and times in nicely with the Brookvale Ultra 50km Race in PEI in July.  I did 24 miles on Saturday and another 10 miles last night.  My knee is sore today but manageable. 

I couldn't resist hitting the trails in Centennial Park for the 10 miles last night which are a little rocky so I had to put on my sneakers - foregoing my Vibrams.  So now I am starting to truly wonder if my previous suspicions of moving back to running shoes after using Vibrams exclusively for a year and a half created this whole mess in the first place when training for the Wascally Wabbit Ultra 50 miler.  I think there is too much drop in the running shoe.  I will experiment this week when I put in my long run and subsequent run on Vibrams....if my knee is not sore there might be something to it.  If it is the case I will try to find a pair of trail runners that have a zero drop or near zero heel drop to try and transition.  I find my feet are too sore after taking the Vibrams on any rough trails. 

Nice to be back logging some serious training.  Also very excited with Western States coming up to be planning on putting my name in the lottery this fall.  Any suggestions on the trail running shoes with zero drop?