Friday, August 12, 2011

Life and Running

It has been a while since I last posted.  Not much has happened and a lot has happened.  Not much new from a running perspective.  I missed a couple races I really wanted to do.  My wife really wanted me to go to the U2 concert.  With 2 young kids and busy careers, we don't get out much together so we went and had a great time!  I am super glad we did as the events to follow were not fun (more later). 

I had every intention of getting a bit of sleep and hitting the road to PEI for the Brookvale Ultra Trail 50 km event.  However after standing around all day in the mud and very little hydrating (port-a-potty lineups suck) we ended up having to walk home which took over an hour and a half - got in the house around 2:45 AM and to sleep about an hour after that.  No time to sleep basically prior to drive a couple hours to get to PEI and run 50 km.  Probably not good for my body.

We had relatives at our house from Vancouver over the past 3 weeks as well that cut into some running time, coupled with a family emergency involving a severe car accident and my mother-in-law.  I have missed a significant amount of training and another race in Wentworth, NS that I really wanted to attend.  I was pretty bummed out but that is running and life, right Jodi :) 

I also believe things happen for a reason and two good things have come out of this from a running point of view (and hopefully better things from a life perspective very soon).  The positives are that the knee that was ailing me is feeling much better as a result of more rest.  Secondly, I am hungry to put on miles!  Normally I get eager to train for a race and once I start feeling prepared I get a little complacent.  No time for that now, I am eager to get out and put on the miles - no time to procrastinate.  I am still planning on running my big event of the year - Haliburton Forest 50 miler.  My plane ticket has been purchased and I will sign up and book my car rental this weekend if all goes well.

I plan to really test my fitness level this weekend to gauge the amount of work needed prior to September 10th in Haliburton.