Friday, April 29, 2011

Final Push

21.5 miles in this week so far.  Planning on getting 50 miles in this weekend as a final push for mileage prior to backing off next week to rest.  I would rather have backed off this week, but I knew when I signed up I am short about one month of training so I will need every mile I can get.  Knee is getting suspiciously sore, probably from mileage increase.  Also have had trouble with my right leg falling asleep while running.  I have had this happen on the treadmill, but not usually on the road/trail.  It happened on the trail yesterday.  I have had right hamstring issues, maybe it has something to do with that.  Oh well, on with the show...

PS - If any rich ultra running enthusiast happens to be reading my blog - I am highly doubtful anybody is reading this.  It would be a dream come true to hit Geoff Roes' Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp - feel free to send me out of the kindness of your pocket book :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Plan

Back on track with some hard miles on Monday and Tuesday.  Going to try for a long run tonight if the rain isn't too bad.  I wrote out my schedule for the race which makes me feel more confident.  I stretched the time out as far as I could to finish under 10 hours.  The race is a 6km loop followed by a 9km loop for 5 laps - finishing with a very short 5km (out and back).


*45 min per 6km loop              *65 min per 9km loop              *40 min for last 5km

My fingers are crossed to win one of the daily prizes from Bryon Powell's RFP giveaways this week...I could use the shoes since the ones I ordered didn't fit :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Disappointing weekend from a running perspective.  Neither pair of my new shoes fit - both were too small.  I was really pumped to try them out for my long run.  I ran 30 miles which felt more like 30 days.  I experienced the dreaded 'wall' for the first time in years during the last 10 miles.  I didn't focus enough on eating and drinking - stupid me.  It really put a dent in my confidence going into my first 50 miler in 3 weeks.  I would not and could not have finished a 50 miler yesterday. 

However, luckily I woke up pissed off.  I still have 3 weeks and have no intention of backing off!  Back at it today.  Bring it!

On a more positive note, it is launch week for Bryon Powell's ( book Relentless Forward Progress.  If you happen to read this blog, check out the book.  Mine should be in my mailbox tomorrow and I can't wait to read it.  

He has some gear giveaways this week to promote the book.  I hope to win the Montrail shoes since the Rogue Racers I ordered were both too small. (wipe tear :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Shoes for Me :)

Not much from a running perspective to report....another 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday.  Gotta run tonight due to an all day meeting at work.  However, I just purchased a pair of Montrail Rogue Racers for my upcoming event.  Had to purchase them over the phone since Moncton, NB doesn't really have any selection at all of trail shoes.  I bought them over the phone from the in Halifax, NS.  Hats off to Trevor who answered the phone and helped me out - very knowledgeable and friendly.  Turns out I thought I had only a few choices from the inventory on the website, but he quickly corrected me and pointed me to the Montrails.  Super excited.  I ordered 2 sizes to ensure a proper fit since my brother is driving up from Halifax on the weekend to deliver them...can't wait!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Historic Day on the Treadmill

Too cold and wet for a run outside.  Ran an uneventful 5 miles on the treadmill at the gym yesterday - will try to get outside today.  Having said 'uneventful' - it happened that my run coincided with both the women's and men's finishes of the Boston marathon.  Both were exciting and record breaking.  Man it would be great to wake up every day and it be your job to run and train!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Longest Run Yet

I set the alarm for 4:20 AM this past Saturday to get up and run 30 miles.  I was fortunate enough that the alarm wasn't necessary - my daughter woke me around 3:50 AM - she called my name wanting some company.  I snuggled her back to sleep and figured I would shut off the alarm and be on my way.  After some coffee and waffles, 'nature' had not yet beckoned - which I had hoped would have happened prior to leaving the house.  I figured there was no sense waiting around for that to happen - not too many spectators at that hour on a Saturday morning.

It was a beautiful morning, crisp enough for toque and gloves - but the star of the show was a huge almost full yellow moon hovering over the trees.  I set off for a few laps close to home in case the bio-break set in early.  The neighbors have a large dog, but not that large and probably doesn't use TP.    After a few laps, I set off towards Magnetic Hill to see the sun rise over the city.  A nice surprise on the way up was a fox joining me for a portion of the run from a short distance in the field.  I crested the top of the concert site just as the sun came up over the horizon - makes getting up at 4AM worth every minute.

Next up was Mapleton Park.  A nice set of trails that I could fully take advantage of now that I  purchased a Garmin GPS watch.  I could deviate from a measured route to explore the park and still keep track of my distance. I found several new trails I didn't know existed and got to see a crane taking off from a perfectly still pond.  There were lots of ducks, chipmunks, squirrels and even a pheasant up and about but no sign of the beaver I was hoping to catch a glimpse of.  Nice park.  Nice day.

At this point I was 4 hours into my run and I was getting pretty hungry and also needed a little motivation.  A good time to stop back to the house for some fuel, hugs from the kids and ridicule from my loving wife who thinks I am insane:)

After hugs, ridicule, peanut butter sandwich, more gatorade and some chips, I am off for the final 2 hours of my run.  This time I head to Centennial Park to explore some more trails.  I was lucky enough to find some new trails here as well, some of which were still snow packed, others quite wet.

The final hour was pretty tough as I started getting a pain in my left leg.  I was too tired to tell if it was coming from my knee shooting through to my ankle or vice versa.  Either way I finished off the run.  My wife was kind enough to have a hot bath waiting to hop into.  I still had enough energy left to set up the kids trampoline as I had promised before waking up to run.  The long run topped off a 60 mile week for me.  I am hoping to get a 70 mile week in this week.

I also hope to get my copy of Relentless Forward Progress by Bryon Powell from  A little late in the game for a manual, but it should come in handy for future events.  I expect to have many lessons learned to reflect upon after this first race. 

Stay tuned.


Just what the world needs, another blog...more specifically another running blog.  I am a runner.  I have been running for approximately 10 yearsish.  No idea exactly how long.  I haven't really taken it seriously - tried a half marathon one summer and then a full marathon to see if I could do it.  I then usually tried one event, either half or full each year after.  Last year I read 'Born to Run' and really got the bug to run more.  Last year I ran 2 half marathons and 5 full marathons - I ran them all but one (Hyporthermic Half - too cold)  in Vibram Five Fingers.  The last 3 races were on back to back to back weekends.  I have been researching and reading about ultra marathons.  I am blown away by these runners and their endurance.  I also am blown away by the venues.  The trails and mountains make you question why anybody would ever run on pavement given the choice.  I want to take the plunge and work towards running these ultra events.  Maybe it is a life crisis of some sort - but I don't want to read about them and see photos of them anymore.  I want to experience them.  I am running my first 50 miler May 14...wish me luck.