Friday, May 6, 2011

Not the Only Kukoo in the Nest

So it appears I am not the only crazy wanting to run as far as I possibly can in one sitting.  The organizer of the Wascally Wabbit Ultra 50 and some of his associates appear to have created the race to have a 50 miler under their belts in order to run the Vermont 100 Miler later this year.  Excellent! so happy to hear other runners in this neck of the woods have interests similar to mine.  It also appears, one of the other runners in the race next weekend is planning on running Haliburton 50 miler this fall.  It would be nice to know someone else going.

Regarding my knee... I saw a physiotherapist this morning since I was concerned that the pain encountered after my 'final push' weekend of back to back long runs lingered along with a fair amount of inflammation.  I am pretty sure I can run through the pain however - I wanted a third party assessment of whether or not I was going to cause permanent damage of any kind.  My legs had very little fatigue after the back to back runs - however my knee was very sore and swelled - so it wasn't just discomfort from a lot of mileage. I have also sprained, hyper-extended and torn cartilage before and it didn't feel like any of the above.  I have experienced IT band issues and it didn't feel like that either.  If I had to lean towards one of these injuries,  it would be a cartilage tear which had me concerned.  Better to have it checked than linger in my mind.  Would I listen to sound advice or not is another story :)

Either way, her assessment doubted a tear which was mostly what I was after.  The interesting part is that she is an avid runner and feels the injury is sourced in my back or hamstring.  When she mentioned hamstring, I was all ears since my right hamstring plagued my running a bit last year.  I vowed to work on my flexibility this season but as of yet, I have done zero to improve on that.  I was told by a few post race RMTs that I had some of the tightest hamstrings they have ever seen - nothing to brag about of course.  Last time I checked hamstrings are not abs.  So I am to rest and stretch before trying a light run again.

Harder than you think.  My brain and body are yelling at me to run and get those last miles of tapering in.  My psyche tells me I cannot lay low for almost 2 weeks prior to a race.  Stay tuned to see how it all works out. 

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